Storage Tips and Advice

Published on 10/26/2019

:Self-Storage Information and Advice

Storing your possessions in a modern self-storage facility is the first step in protection from the elements; here are a few additional steps you should consider to maximize that protection. Thieves and Mother Nature need to be considered to minimize their threat to your possessions.

1. Use the best padlock you can get. Ask us about our recommended lock.

2. Store your possessions off the ground by placing items on pallets or 2" x 4" stud lumber. Strong winds, snow, and rain can be blown around the storage unit doors. Ice can collect in front of the doors. Water can pool and leak under the door. Remember the doors are as water resistant as they can be made, but they are not waterproof.

3. Store items, when possible, in sealed water tight plastic containers. When that's not possible, store items in sealed plastic bags or cover with a tarp. Sealed plastic containers are best because they protect from moisture, rodents, and insects.

4. Make sure you place the rope handle inside the storage unit when you close the door. This will provide a better weather seal.

5. Be mindful of humidity in the summer months, make a DIY Dehumidifier. In addition to putting small desiccant packs in your boxes, you may want to make a DIY dehumidifier for your storage unit. You can make a powerless dehumidifier by putting a bowl of charcoal briquettes in a bucket. Make sure to use the briquettes that have not been soaked in lighter fluid. They are more effective, and the lighter fluid can create unwanted odors. Alternatively, you can use a bag of kitty litter. Stay away from the scented varieties. Simply, use the relatively inexpensive clay litter. Finally, if you don't have a bucket, put open containers of baking soda around your storage unit. To be effective, all of these dehumidifiers need to be changed about every six months.

Remember: this self-storage unit is an unheated garage. Check your unit periodically; especially after severe weather, to be sure everything is alright. Keep the ice and snow away from your door. If possessions are not protected by your homeowners or renter's insurance you might want to contact your insurance agent to purchase insurance while your items are stored in a self-storage unit. If you have any questions, please give us a call. 320-349-0424.