Published on 1/25/2021

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a payment?

We accept payment through credit/debit cards, echecks, check, or through money orders. You can setup an account through our website and pay online, make a payment over the phone, or mail payment to 72816 US Hwy 75 Ortonville MN 56278.


Where do I send payment to?

Make check payable to your specific storage facility and mail to 72816 US Hwy 75 Ortonville MN 56278


Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

No, we rent units on a month to month basis with a one-month minimum term.


How do I book a unit?

Reservations can be made through facility websites or over the phone with our staff.


Do I need insurance?

All personal property stored by occupant is stored at occupant’s sole risk. Occupant must provide their own insurance for protection against fire, theft, damage, and other perils.


Prohibited Contents:

The facility isn’t suitable for the storage of heirlooms or precious, invaluable or irreplaceable property for which no immediate resale market exists, objects which are claimed to have special or emotional value and records or receipts relating to the stored goods. For further details please refer to your signed contract.


How do I discontinue my rental?

Per the contract, written notice of termination is required 30 days in advance of the planned move-out. You are welcome to call, email, or text your plans for move-out.


How do I complete my move-out?

Please empty the unit and sweep it out. Let us know when this is completed.


What kind of lock do I need for my unit?

Occupants are responsible for supplying their own locks. We recommend disc locks as they are more resistant to tampering.


How do I gain access to the facility?

If the facility is gated, a gate code will be given upon signing the rental agreement thereby completing the move-in. Upon completion of the move-in, your assigned unit will be unlocked and you can

move-in at your convenience.


How do I protect my items while being stored?

We take the security of our Occupant’s items seriously. We work quickly to repair maintenance issues with regular inspections. Due to the changing seasons at many of our facilities, occasional condensation can occur due to concrete slab sweating during the warmer months. We chemically treat the concrete in an effort to counteract this. To avoid potential issues related so sweaty concrete slabs, we recommend that occupants use pallets if storing items that can be damaged by condensation. We further recommend storing items susceptible to moisture off the floor and/or in plastic totes.


The best practice for protection in all seasons is to place items on pallets inside the unit.


Will my month be pro-rated when I move out?

No – all billing and move-outs occur on the first of the month.